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Threshing It Out

Some may wonder why I've chosen "The Threshing Floor" as the title for my new blog.  To explain, I must first describe what a threshing floor exactly is.  In pre-modern cultures, the threshing floor is a flat surface made of dirt or stone where the harvested wheat stalks are brought so that the wheat grains can be separated from the chaff.  The workers smack the wheat stalks against a hard surface until the grain heads are removed.  They then grab their winnowing forks, scoop up a load of the wheat/chaff, toss it into the air and let wind and gravity finish the job.  The chaff is blown away by the wind and the good grain falls to the threshing floor.

For many years, people have used the threshing floor as a metaphor for life.  Just as the wheat must be separated from the chaff before it can serve any good purpose, so too must truth be separated from falsehood, especially as it relates to our Creator God.  This is the sole intention of "The Threshing Floor."  Here we will strive to separate the truth from fiction when it comes to any number of biblical issues, for there is more at stake than many may realize, even our very souls.

So I hope you join me here on The Threshing Floor as we thresh out the truth.

For His Glory,
Essential Things or Not: Do All to the Glory of Go...
A Whole New World

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