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Membership Class

Church membership is a biblical doctrine that is vital to the sanctification of individual Christians.  This is especially important in the modern era in which many fail to see the legitimacy and responsibility of faithful church membership.  Christians are members of God’s “family” (Gal.6:10; Eph.2:19; 1 Tim.3:15; 1 Pt.4:17) and God’s “flock” (Lk.12:32; Jn.10:1-18; Acts 20:28; 1 Pt.5:2-4;).  Therefore, church membership is a means of providing fellowship, accountability, and protection to individual believers and the corporate body of the Church.

One way the elders at Grace Life strive to achieve these important objectives is through a Membership Class.  The class is a great way to get to know potential members and for potential members to get to know the elders and the beliefs and practices of Grace Life.